Extra study materials

If you join our one-day theory course, you will get extra study materials.
This way we make sure you will pass for sure!

3250 Practising questions

You will receive the correct answer with an explanation after answering.
Easy way to study a certain topic.

50 Exams

Test yourself before you go to CBR. By doing this, you know you will pass or sure at CBR.

Practise priority

Who goes first? Choose the order in which traffic is allowed to drive.

Are you dyslexic? Then you can request extra time for your theory exam. This option is also available for the practice exams. The program also includes an option to adjust the font for dyslexia, an option to change the color settings for people with red-green color blindness and blue color blindness, and the option of audio support. This makes this theory practice platform the best in the Netherlands.


You start studying through the practice questions. After answering a question, you will immediately receive the answer. Here is a detailed explanation of why this is the right answer. So that’s how you learn. With an exam, you will not immediately get the answer, but you will see at the end whether you passed or not. Here too there is an explanation for each question.

What our students say:

  • Avatar Michael . Chen
    Such a great course! The teacher was really funny and explained everything very well. The extra study material is very helpful. Would recommend.
    ★★★★★ a week ago
  • Avatar Melvis Nquiawoh
    Excellent teaching techniques with a power point presentation. Up to date information about car driving license. Very Good team of professionals.
    ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
  • Avatar Efrat Braun
    In one word - AMAZING!!!
    This school supports the students on so many levels -
    I bought the one month package for 59 euro and received unlimited online
    … More lessons (which I constantly took advantage of), received unlimited usage of the online app with the questions. After each question there was a detailed answer and the best thing - each question in the app had a feedback option, so if the answer was not fully clear to me, I could react directly on the question (instead of writing a new email from scratch) and received very fast a very detailed answer.
    Moreover, every time I had a question on the administrative level (asking for the app code, asking something about the CBR etc.) I sent it through WhatsApp and received an answer within 1-2 minutes maximum, including weekend etc. Not sure how they manage to do that 😊
    I had a lot of questions (honestly, I don’t know how they did not go crazy by the amount of messages they received from me) and every single one of them was answered in a professional manner , very fast answer and very detailed.
    2 weeks and I passed today the theory!!
    ★★★★★ a month ago

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